5 Questions With Aaron Louks, MSPC Digital Marketing Manager

By Anthony Englund  |  June 11, 2024

Aaron Louks is a digital marketing manager at MSPC. He executes, maintains, optimizes and reports on MSPC’s paid digital campaigns and helps internal teams with requests or questions on paid media.

Get to know Aaron in today’s 5 Questions.

1. What has been your favorite MSPC project and why?

My favorite project has to be our monthly digital campaigns for the Minnesota Beef Council. I love grilling, smoking beef and cooking steaks and burgers. Every month the campaigns feature a new recipe or tactic and it is always exciting to see what comes up.

2. What skill, hobby, experience, etc., do you have that would surprise people?

I love to paint in the style of Bob Ross. My wife and I found a 24 hour TV channel dedicated to Bob Ross’ show, “The Joy of Painting.” When I found the channel I would put it on about an hour before bed each night and decided one day to try his technique—I find it fun and relaxing.

3. What most inspires you at work?

What inspires me is the complexity and individual needs of each of our clients. Each day and each interaction with our clients is different. It’s exciting to come in each day knowing that it won’t be the same as yesterday.

4. What work, campaign, or brand initiative have you recently seen that has impressed you?

New Balance or Champion clothing brands. Growing up, I would only see these brands at Walmart or Kmart, for example. Both were considered a discounted type of clothing product. Now, decades later, they are one of the most coveted athletic clothing brands due to their sales, endorsements, brand image and advertising strategies.

5. What trends are you seeing in your discipline that you are excited to take advantage of or develop further?

Developments in AI have opened up the world in terms of what we can do in our digital platforms. I use AI built into our platforms to help me make decisions on performance or optimizations for our client campaigns. While AI has been around for some time, the recent evolution thanks to ChatGPT, Jasper.ai and others enable us to harness the real power of AI in digital advertising.

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