5 Questions With Amy Overgaard Fenske, MSPC Content Strategist

By Anya Britzius  |  July 9, 2024

When Amy Overgaard Fenske joined MSPC as a content strategist in November 2023, she brought with her more than a decade of copywriting, content marketing and journalism experience. In her role, she partners with clients to plan, create and improve content—writing and editing for several print magazines and digital marketing projects.

Outside of work, Amy loves strolling through St. Paul’s old neighborhoods and soaking up the brief and wondrous Minnesota summers via restaurant and brewery patios around the Twin Cities.

Learn more about Amy in today’s 5 Questions.

1. What most inspires you at work?

I’m inspired by all the brilliant, strong women who work at MSPC—who are continuing to master their respective craft during work hours while cultivating beautiful, fulfilling lives beyond work.

2. What skill, hobby, experience, etc., do you have that would surprise people?

My husband and I spent six months in 2023 living on the coast of Maine. We’ve both lived in Minnesota most of our lives and wanted to experience something different, and the stars aligned for a short-term move. My husband worked at a restaurant and I freelanced and began writing my first novel—all while living just 2 miles from a gorgeous stretch of beach. It was an incredible experience! As for a skill: I can do an excellent loon call.

3. Recommend two or three work-related accounts to follow (on X, Instagram, LinkedIn, Podcast, etc.).

The Content Strategist has a ton of great industry insights—on their website and across all their social channels.

James Clear’s email newsletter often makes me pause and consider a new way of looking at productivity and habit-building, his Instagram is full of wisdom, and his book might change your life.

4. What’s a cause that you are passionate about and why?

I’m passionate about the choices I make and the products I use being safer and more sustainable whenever possible. There are so many toxins and pollutants both in the environment and in the products we bring into our homes everyday, and so much waste associated with everyday products.

I want to do my part in reducing toxicity in my home and reducing my carbon footprint in the world overall. It’s an imperfect endeavor but one to which I give lots of thought!

5. What piece of advice would you give your younger self or someone earlier in their career path considering a career in content marketing?

Pay attention to the brands you love and how they communicate about themselves—on social, in emails, on their own website. You can learn a lot about content marketing through observation and osmosis. But don’t stop there.

In any career, it’s also so important to build relationships and make connections. See someone in the industry who’s doing what you’d like to do someday? Send them an email or LinkedIn message and ask them out for coffee. Learn about their career path and the skills they use each day in their role. Get curious and ask questions.

I was a freelancer for many years, and I can trace about 80% of the clients I landed back to two different coffee meetings I had with people early in my career. Over many years, those meetings led to a multitude of different work opportunities thanks to the network those two people helped open up to me!

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