5 Questions with Claire Davidson, MSPC Senior Content Strategist

By Molly Bennett  |  August 21, 2019

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Blending her passion for storytelling and digital marketing experience, Claire Davidson focuses on ways digital content can more meaningfully inspire a reader to think, feel and act. She’s an ardent believer in to-do lists, empathy and the oxford comma (even though it sadly does not appear in this interview).

As MSPC senior content strategist, Claire Davidson develops content for large national and local brands, helping them connect with their audience in a more authentic way. As a seasoned editor, she’s worked within both the print and digital realms, writing about everything from beauty products and bundt cakes to cybersecurity and exercise science.

In today’s edition of 5 Questions we get to learn more about Claire:

Describe your perfect day.

I’d start with coffee and a good book in bed, go on an outdoor adventure, eat as many pastries as possible and laugh with people I love.

Who/what inspires you and your work?

Gilda Radner is an all-time inspiration for life, and my closest female friendships also inspire me daily. I’m lucky to know so many strong women who are resilient, funny and compassionate. I think those traits benefit any environment, whether it’s at work or in your personal life.

What has been your favorite MSPC project and why?

Whenever I can be involved with the beginning stages of a project, I get excited. The initial phase of a project where we tap into an audience’s specific wants and needs—and figure out how to speak to them—is what I get excited about.

Favorite quote/saying … something of that nature.

“And now that you don’t have to be perfect, you can be good.” — John Steinbeck, East of Eden

What’s a cause that you are passionate about and why?

Reforming the prison system and helping end the cycle of generational poverty. I also think programs that teach meditation or emotional self-regulation to children at a young age deserve our support. Societal improvement starts with individual improvement, but most of us aren’t taught how to self-regulate or calm our minds. The earlier that we can learn these skills, the more they can have a ripple effect on our communities and larger issues.

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