5 Questions with Courtney Nielsen, MSPC Senior Art Director

By Kayla Knudson  |  May 20, 2021

5 Question with Courtney Nielsen

MSPC senior art director Courtney Nielsen’s years in the industry have given her experience developing brand identities, print and web collateral, as well as marketing materials for various events and companies. Her time in advertising and publishing has enabled her to refine her skills in art direction, design and typography.

In today’s edition of 5 Questions we get to learn more about Courtney:

How did you come to be at MSPC?

I’ve spent a lot of time checking for openings at MSPC over the years. Finally, a position that fit my skill set opened up and the rest is history!

Recommend a book, movie, album, etc.—a favorite or something you’ve consumed recently.

I’ve always loved renovation style shows. Most recently, I’ve been devouring The Restoration Man and Grand Designs that first aired on BBC.

What’s a cause that you are passionate about and why?

Youth programs, specifically art-focused programs, in underserved communities. Kids often need encouragement and a safe space to feel creative.

Through programs like Art Buddies and Juxtaposition Arts (both local to Minneapolis!), kids are offered opportunities to have volunteers guide them and give them encouragement through hands-on mentoring, as well as learning about possible future career paths.

What piece of advice would you give to your younger self or someone earlier in their career path?

Experiment! It’s OK to get it wrong.

What skill, hobby, experience, etc., do you have that would surprise people?

In addition to being an art director, I am also a metalsmith. I took a class in college and fell in love. There’s something very satisfying in taking raw materials and shaping them into something people will adorn for years to come.

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