5 Questions with Ellen Vaaler, MSPC Associate Art Director

By Mike Kooiman  |  October 30, 2019

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As MSPC’s associate art director, Ellen Vaaler is responsible for concepting, visualizing, and designing various digital creative tactics for MSPC clients.

While she mostly creates visual content for client’s social media, Ellen also works on website redesigns, infographics, interactive customer stories, email templates and animations. Prior to working at MSPC, she worked at an agency where she contributed to award-winning shopper marketing campaigns.

In today’s edition of 5 Questions we get to learn more about Ellen:

Tell us about your role in one sentence.

I conceptualize, art direct and build beautiful visual solutions with our content marketing teams.

Describe your perfect day.

Sleeping in until 10 a.m., then relaxing on a tropical beach where I can sketch or digitally paint on a tablet all day.

Who/what inspires you and your work?

As corny as it sounds, it’s always been the people I work with at every design job I’ve had. Since everyone solves creative problems differently, I listen and try to learn their perspectives so as to not get stuck in a creative box. Also, a little design envy from the big-time art directors I follow on social media helps with inspiration, too.

What has been your favorite MSPC project and why?

I’ve had a lot of favorites in my almost 1.5 years with MSPC, but the one that comes top of mind is the 3M Post-it Note social campaign where I created a whole bunch of static and animated posts. They were fun, vibrant and let me use my shopper marketing knowledge.

Favorite quote/saying … something of that nature.

“It’s one banana, Michael. What could it cost? 10 dollars?” — Lucille Bluth, a fellow financial-illiterate

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