5 Questions with Emily Planek, MSPC Managing Editor

By Erin Madsen  |  March 23, 2020

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Emily Planek is MSPC’s managing editor for BettyCrocker.com and graduated with a degree in Strategic Communications from the University of Minnesota School of Journalism.

When she’s not nose-deep in killer content, you can find Emily drinking an iced coffee, whipping up a trendy new recipe or running around one of Minnesota’s many lakes.

In today’s edition of 5 Questions we get to learn more about Emily:

Tell us about your role in one sentence.

In addition to creating content for BettyCrocker.com, I manage the ever-changing editorial calendar by assigning content and deadlines, all while planning kitchen day photo shoots and facilitating all other editorial needs for a successful, streamlined content process.

Describe your perfect day

Well, I would have to start my day with a trip to Isle Bun & Coffee for an iced vanilla latte (with oat milk!) and one of their drop scones. Then, assuming it’s a warm and sunny day, I would stroll around the lakes. Afterward, I’d probably flip through some magazines, read a book or watch some show on Netflix—and, of course, I would likely bake something, perhaps chocolate chip cookies. And to make this leisurely day even better, a relaxing dinner somewhere I can get a spritz, a Caesar salad and really good pizza.

Who/what inspires you and your work?

Being passionate about food in my day-to-day life makes my job that much easier. It’s kind of amazing to be able to consider reading one of my favorite magazines, looking at you Bon Appetit, or eating a cookie at a local bakery research. Of course, Alison Roman is at the top of the list as far as inspiration goes. Her recipes, cookbooks and columns in the New York Times and her overall tone and approach to home cooking is really relatable as a 20-something.

What has been your favorite MSPC project and why?

The Betty Crocker Christmas Cookie Campaigns. Each year, we get to develop new cookie recipes with kitchen experts. After lots, and I mean lots, of taste tests we get to write about them and come up with ways to promote them across email, site and social. It’s so fun to brainstorm recipe ideas and watch them come to life. We usually start planning in the summer (if not earlier), so it really is Christmas in July for us.

What is most rewarding about your job; what makes it all worthwhile?

We have a really loyal fan base, which results in tons of comments and reviews on our recipes, articles and collections. Some will melt your heart; others will seriously test your patience. But nothing feels better than reading a comment or review from someone who loved a recipe we developed or someone who found an article we spent hours and hours refining helpful or useful. It’s the little things—and it helps keep the consumer voice in our heads next time we go to the drawing board.

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