5 Questions with Katie Robbins, MSPC Director of Program Management

By Kate Rogers  |  August 17, 2020

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MSPC director of program management Katie Robbins delivers flawless execution of all digital marketing strategies and tactics for Cub.

Katie has spent 20-plus years as a digital project manager in Minneapolis, focused on developing and maintaining online marketing campaigns and world-class user experiences for a diverse range of clients. In that time, she has come to specialize in building teams of highly talented individuals and partners and optimizing delivery approaches based on client needs.

Katie loves all things having to do with process, and she can, has and will talk about workflow models and capacity planning all day.

In her most recent role as vice president, director of program management with McCann Minneapolis, Katie directed a cross-functional team working on some of the world’s largest digital food platforms, including BettyCrocker.com, Pillsbury.com and Tablespoon.com. Her responsibilities included content marketing execution, user experience, delivery of website design, development and maintenance, content publishing, migration and maintenance, taxonomy and tagging, SEO consulting and implementation, email campaigns, member and email acquisition, eCommerce, A/B testing, user acceptance testing and quality assurance.

Katie’s clients have included SuperValu, 3M, Bauer Hockey, Allina Health, UnitedHealthcare, Carlson Companies, Nestlé Purina, Land ‘O Lakes, Target Corporation, Toro, Microsoft and H&R Block.

In today’s edition of 5 Questions, we get to learn more about Katie:

Tell us about your role in one sentence.

I make sure all Cub deliverables are done right and on time and with the least amount of friction possible.

Describe your perfect day.

It would be spent on the lake in a boat someone else owns with a cooler someone else packed (correctly) and with a driver who is not me.

What has been your favorite MSPC project and why?

So far, it’s been getting everything set up and organized in Asana. Bet you can’t wait to talk to me at the Christmas party.

What is most rewarding about your job; what makes it all worthwhile?

A zeroed out inbox and a 3 p.m. happy hour.

What’s a cause that you are passionate about and why?

Sending Love Venezuela is an organization that provides relief to Venezuelan citizens in dire need of resources due to the economic collapse. It is run, in part, by one of our former clients at General Mills and has become a source of hope for countless children and their families in desperate need of food, clothing, shelter and medicine.

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