Case Study

The 3Mer Magazine

Print as a disruptor? Yes! For U.S. based 3M employees, this publication delivered feel-good stories and corporate updates through an employee lens. It served as a key channel to increase visibility to content and company happenings 3Mers may have missed.

Stack of 3M magazines on table
Woman standing in corn field


In 2020, MSPC launched The 3Mer, a triannual publication tailored to U.S. manufacturing and supply chain employees, a core audience with limited access to email and digital channels at work. Our strategy: Focus on humanity at work. Tell real employee stories in a fresh design package with original photography. And meet the audience where they are, sending magazines directly to home mailboxes.

Magazine spread with two people standing at factory on left hand page

Content Features

  • Company happenings and highlights
  • Employee appreciation
  • Employee well-being and psychological safety
  • Innovation and leadership
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Philanthropy
  • Sustainability
  • 3M history, milestones and growth

“These are exactly the types of stories we need to be telling.”

3M Senior Vice President

Man taking page at top of construction site


The magazine’s authentic, high-quality content resonated, proven by a page-count increase and audience expansion in 2022. Our seventh and eighth editions were sent to all U.S. employees. MSPC editorial photography also became a cornerstone for the company’s image library. Our images were repurposed broadly to show real 3Mers in action. Alongside our amazing clients, we navigated pandemic safety protocols to include original photo shoots in nearly every edition.

Case Study

U.S. Bank Social Media

When we were approached by U.S. Bank to develop strategy and create content for their social streams, we flipped their feeds from primarily financial to feel-good moments and relatable lifestyle content.

Collage of marketing materials
Collage of five marketing pieces


MSPC introduced lifestyle content to the U.S. Bank social feeds, speaking frankly about consumers’ emotions regarding their money. We developed a brand voice that was straightforward, friendly and supportive. We  also developed a strong visual brand within U.S. Bank’s social channels that both adheres to enterprise brand guidelines and speaks to the bright, engaging visuals that see top performance on most platforms. With this reimagining combined with a complete transformation of their Pinterest strategy, we saw an immediate boom in their views and engagement

Social media image

Content Features

  • Personal finance
  • Business banking
  • Wealth management
  • Consumer success stories
  • Lifestyle content

600K monthly

Pinterest viewers


YOY increase in Instagram engagement


Social posts created annually

Cell phone screen of promotional gift cards


Social media is a changing landscape, and the content we were producing had to keep up with those changes. When Instagram and Pinterest shifted their algorithms to prioritize video, we quickly adjusted our content calendars to include video formats for Reels and Idea Pins. We were able to do this quickly and cost-effectively by repurposing existing video and creating original content with in-house resources. 

Case Study

Miracle-Ear Video

It takes people an average of seven to 10 years to address their hearing loss. With a multi-use suite of videos for Miracle-Ear we show, through relatable scenes, encouraging scripts and powerful testimonials, just how easy—and life-changing—it is to take charge of your hearing.

People doing every day activities with hearing aids
Collage of hearing ads on table, man biking, hearing aids in a case


We believe that videos need to work hard. With that in mind, we craft strategic plans for videos that touch on multiple aspects of Miracle-Ear’s business and can be used across channels. The resulting work is wide-ranging: an evergreen video feature on the powerful work of the Miracle-Ear Foundation; animated explainer videos that help people understand their hearing care appointments; heartstring-tugging testimonial videos; lifestyle-focused product spotlights and more. No matter the topic, our video work is designed to make meaningful connections with the viewer.

Collage of a woman sitting in a char, a couple holding hands, a woman and doctor talking

Content Features

  • Animated videos
  • Testimonial videos
  • Promotional videos
  • Product videos
  • Scripting 
  • Art direction
  • Talent coordination
Three illustrations of patients with hearing aids


We’ve created a suite of full-length and social-length videos that can be used in multiple ways: On site to promote product, explain value and bolster SEO; in social to support organic algorithm demands and engage followers; and in paid campaigns, to add dynamic visuals that drive action.

Case Study


In 2020, it became immediately clear that digital was going to play an even greater role in shopper’s lives than it already was—especially in grocery. Cub needed a digital agency of record that could help them build the experiences, and content, vital to serving their communities, partners, and vendors.

Magazine pages
Computer screen of landing page for summer coupon deals


From the start, our approach has been to meet consumers wherever they are online with seamless experiences that translate to sales. We create digital content by tapping into programs that set Cub apart, partnering with vendors on consumer-first ideas that position their product as a solution, and shining light on the community organizations and charitable causes that Cub supports. Through this work we drive online orders for pickup and delivery, and build value in the My Cub Rewards shopper loyalty program.

Magazine cover with burger and other food items

Content Features

  • Online ordering, pickup & delivery
  • Weekly deals, promotions, and coupons
  • Holiday and special occasion recipes, tips, and ideas
  • Custom CPG promotions for MN shoppers
  • Cub Liquor, Cub Wine & Spirits
  • Cub Pharmacy
  • Community involvement and partnerships
  • Member growth of My Cub Rewards
  • SEM, SEO and paid media

9 minutes

Average time shopper spends on planning and ordering groceries each week

1 milllion+

Minnesota shoppers


Seasonal print magazines that fuel digital

” MSPC’s amazing work has enabled me to increase CPG revenue by being able to offer both our customers and our partners valuable content that works hard in print and translates online. ”

Cub Marketing Manager

Chicken fingers on social media page


Digital engagement is at a record high with shoppers using our experiences to plan and buy from their phones every day.