Small Screen. Big Bang. The value of mobile video.

  • By Kate Rogers
  • August 10, 2018

At MSPC’s event, Small Screen Big Bang, vice president of content Erin Madsen sat down with founder and CEO of Mighteor, Elizabeth Giorgi. What followed was an informed discussion on the value of mobile video and how video trends are incredibly important to video marketing.


  1. Show it, don’t say it. The biggest trend in video right now is sound-free content. Since two-thirds of all audiences won’t hear your video, different decisions need to be made when creating content for platforms like Instagram and Facebook which are primarily consumed sounds free.
  2. Scale and then scale some more. Create a video library of adaptable templates, graphic files, backgrounds, text and colors to easily swap out and replace the same elements for a fresh feel.
  3. Shine a new light. View your existing video library through a new lens. Consider what could work in different contexts or which contexts weren't considered when the videos were initially created.
  4. Frame for the experience, not for the phone. Media has never been consumed as intimately as it is now—i.e., with friends, in the bed, even naked. When crafting a video experience, content creators need to respect and consider the vulnerability of their audience.
  5. Five-second rule. In the world of scrolling, the video has already started by the time the viewer is looking at it, so the first five seconds of any video is lost content. When creating content, make sure to allow for these lost five seconds. 

These are just a few of many insights discussed at the event. Watch the full Small Screen. Big Bang. conversation on Vimeo.

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