What B2B Content Marketers Can Learn From Super Bowl Ads

By Evelyn Hoover  |  February 13, 2024

Creating a Super Bowl ad is a lot like crafting B2B content. MSPC VP of B2B Content Evelyn Hoover explains why.

I’m a big NFL football fan. So when the Super Bowl comes around each year, even though the Minnesota Vikings aren’t there representing the NFC, I’m excited to sit down to several hours of watching great gridiron athletics as well as fun and engaging commercials. Super Bowl XVIII didn’t let me down when it came to the sport–Patrick Mahomes led the Chiefs (my favorite AFC team) to an overtime victory.

The ads, on the other hand, were another story. A few were memorable: the NFL spot featuring the Eagles, Ravens and the Seahawks migrating at the end of their NFL season definitely hit the mark IMO. The State Farm ad making good fun of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s accent made me laugh. And the Budweiser Clydesdales always tug at the heart strings of this horse and dog lover.

Many of the rest of the ads tried too hard. They packed in too many celebrities and suffered from diluted messages that left the viewer wondering what they were supposed to take away.

The Uber Eats spot with Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer started strong with their “reunion” but the spot then moved on to feature Usher, the Beckhams and Jelly Roll, finally coming back to the “Friends” co-stars with a message about forgetting things.

I think they accomplished their mission because I quickly forgot about the ad until I was reading the best and worst ad recaps Monday morning. I am guessing that wasn’t the intent of the execs at Uber Eats when they laid out an estimated $14 million for the ad buy.

What B2B Content Marketers Can Learn From Super Bowl Ads

As I read through my second or third blog post about who won/lost in the Super Bowl ad race, it occurred to me that as a content marketer, I could learn something from the winners and the losers.

Before you begin developing a piece of B2B content, think about your audience. Ask yourself who the article/infographic/video/podcast is for. Think about the business challenges they are trying to solve.

Really think about it as one person. Think about a client you know. Answer these questions:

  • What is their challenge?
  • How can you solve it?
  • What kind of content do they prefer to consume?
  • What social media platforms are they active on?

Now you’re ready to begin. Don’t do what Uber Eats did and develop one ad that had so many messages (and celebrities) in it that it was instantly forgettable. Don’t take one piece of content and throw every bit of possible information into it. Home in on a singular message and stick with it.

For example, if your B2B content is meant to help solve one customer pain point follow these do’s and don’ts:

  • Don’t try to pack the content piece with every possible pain point.
  • Do give the reader (your customer) a digestible amount of information that helps them solve a problem.
  • Don’t focus on the many wonderful features of your product or the great facts about your company.
  • Do provide a solution to the customer’s challenge.

The chances are good that the undiluted message will resonate with them so the next time they have a challenge, they are likely to remember your company as their go-to source for information that is useful.

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