Burger Madness Makes Waves

By Staff  |  August 14, 2013

Cheese burger on plate with a side of fries

Looking for a great burger in the Twin Cities? Check out mspmag.com’s Burger Madness contest and see one of the many ways MSPC is using interactive technologies to engage readers.

At MSPC, we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to engage our readers. Creating an online presence is the industry standard, but making that experience interesting and entertaining is something we take seriously.

The digital team on our flagship publication, Mpls.St.Paul Magazine, recently experimented with using Buddy Media to create an interactive contest about the local burger scene. Using social media, our team implored readers to go to our Facebook page (or web page) and vote for their favorite burger in what we dubbed “Burger Madness.” A spin-off of the classic March Madness bracketology, readers voted through four rounds before crowning a winner.

In addition to driving traffic to our Facebook and web page, we exported the embed code and sent it, along with social links, to the Burger Madness contenders, giving them the capability of putting the voting software directly into their website. With many of the restaurants promoting the contest through their social channels, we ended up receiving a final vote tally of 4,678 throughout the four rounds.

The Buddy Media software is designed for interactive experiences channeled mainly at Facebook users. Besides contests, the software offers customized advertising, giveaways and games to engage target audiences. While we’re still in the beta stage of using Buddy Media, we are already discovering the seemingly endless possibilities when it comes to new ways to deliver content.

Want to find out which restaurant in the Twin Cities was crowned Burger Champ? Check out the results here.

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