Case Study


Group purchasing organization Provista had been working to highlight its food related services and contracts to its members in the hospitality industry. So when our client contact approached us with an idea to take a B2C approach to a B2B video series, we quickly sprang into action.


Provista hired Chef Henry Hill to serve as on-screen talent and the MSPC team did the rest. MSPC handled: pre-production (including identifying a location for the shoot), scripting and storyboarding; production, including the in-person, two-day shoot in Minneapolis; and post-production services, including a social cut to accompany each of the five videos in the series.

Content Features

  • In-person video shoot
  • Preproduction services
  • Post-production services
  • Scripting
  • Storyboarding
  • Key frames




Days of in-person shooting

Over 290,000+

YouTube views on first video


The client was so happy with the finished videos that the company is looking at producing two additional videos following the same format in 2023.

Case Study

3M Talent Acquisition Videos

Launching an employer brand within a large corporation is no easy feat, which is why 3M challenged MSPC to develop branding and marketing to inspire, attract and recruit top talent globally.

Photoshoot of a man in an office


MSPC’s employment branding for 3M introduced a niche technical center to potential candidates through foundational brand messaging and a series of videos featuring real 3Mers. We leaned into the power of lived experiences at multiple job levels, sharing unscripted, authentic viewpoints to emphasize the sense of purpose 3Mers feel at work. For filming, we visited employees in their remote and on-site workspaces, including a new international office. We also captured footage of employees’ personal hobbies to show the breadth of 3Mers’ personalities and highlight flexibility through the company’s Work Your Way policy. Our videos incorporated nine employee perspectives on a variety of topics including technical leadership, impact, purpose, benefits and collaboration.

Group of people sitting on tables on a rooftop

Content Features

  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Brand Anthem statement and general messaging
  • Brand Anthem video and supporting recruitment videos
  • Style guide for photography, brand colors, voice and tone
  • Landing page copy
  • Original photography and stock image selects
  • Logo lockup development

“I am super impressed! It flows and covers so many of the very important topics that we need.”

3M client on Brand Anthem video

Case Study

3M Work Your Way

When 3M rolled out a new flexible working philosophy, Work Your Way, the Employee Communications team called upon MSPC to create multichannel assets to inform, educate and engage current and future employees.

Collage showing workers at home and offices
Woman being interviewed on a video


For many, the pandemic forever changed how we work and launched myriad conversations about the future of work. As 3Mers and MSPCers experienced remote and hybrid work for the first time, we dug into our natural curiosities to explore the psychology behind where, when and how 3Mers like to work. Our written and video content featured employee success stories and perspectives. Designed how-to guides and infographics offered tips and advice, with topics ranging from virtual tools and ways to reduce meetings, to finding your optimal workspace when on-site.


Collage of workers wearing hard hats

Content Features

  • Strategic content calendar
  • Employee POV articles
  • How-to guides
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Microsoft Teams profile picture frames and location icons

“We have a dedicated core team of true talent. [MSPC] is the best, and have been valued partners and, in many cases, an extension of our team, since 2019.”

3M Senior Communications Manager

Case Study

U.S. Bank Brand Publishing

For years MSPC has created and produced content for U.S. Bank, from long-form articles and infographics to persona-driven videos and interactive digital content. Our mindset when considering these audiences—whether it be their personal or small business banking clients—is that finance doesn’t have to be dry. In fact, it’s that personal element of finance that we know consumers connect with most.

Collage of social media images
Woman looking a tablet screen


Our content strategy and creation reframed financial information to connect with emotional and human elements. The psychology of personal finance is  a cornerstone of our content planning, and with data analysis and informed SEO insights, what results is engaging content that readers feel a connection to.

Two social media posts promoting two person stories

Content Features

  • Personal finance
  • Business banking
  • Wealth management
  • Military and veteran 
  • Student services
  • Tax resources
  • Minority segment topics
  • Family planning
  • Fraud prevention and security


Articles written


Videos produced


Enhanced webpages

Three images of behind the scenes at a video shoot


Our relationship with U.S. Bank has led to many projects, from a website audit consisting of over 300 URLs to the creation of an expansive tax resource hub in partnership with TurboTax®, as well as being brought on to manage their social media content.

Case Study

Miracle-Ear Video

It takes people an average of seven to 10 years to address their hearing loss. With a multi-use suite of videos for Miracle-Ear we show, through relatable scenes, encouraging scripts and powerful testimonials, just how easy—and life-changing—it is to take charge of your hearing.

People doing every day activities with hearing aids
Collage of hearing ads on table, man biking, hearing aids in a case


We believe that videos need to work hard. With that in mind, we craft strategic plans for videos that touch on multiple aspects of Miracle-Ear’s business and can be used across channels. The resulting work is wide-ranging: an evergreen video feature on the powerful work of the Miracle-Ear Foundation; animated explainer videos that help people understand their hearing care appointments; heartstring-tugging testimonial videos; lifestyle-focused product spotlights and more. No matter the topic, our video work is designed to make meaningful connections with the viewer.

Collage of a woman sitting in a char, a couple holding hands, a woman and doctor talking

Content Features

  • Animated videos
  • Testimonial videos
  • Promotional videos
  • Product videos
  • Scripting 
  • Art direction
  • Talent coordination
Three illustrations of patients with hearing aids


We’ve created a suite of full-length and social-length videos that can be used in multiple ways: On site to promote product, explain value and bolster SEO; in social to support organic algorithm demands and engage followers; and in paid campaigns, to add dynamic visuals that drive action.