Content vs. Advertising

By Gary Johnson  |  October 7, 2014

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Kraft says content delivers four times better ROI than ads.

Everyone and their brother are jumping on the content creation bandwagon. The reason? Perhaps I’ll let a recent article in Advertising Age explain.

In the article, titled “Kraft Says It Gets Four Times Better ROI from Content Than Ads,” Kraft’s director of data, content and media, Julie Fleischer, says, “content outperforms advertising in terms of engagement.”

Fleischer’s not the only ad (wo)man to sing the praises of content for brands. At the 2014 Advertising Week program, the largest event put on by the advertising industry, some of the headlines included:

  • “Make the logo smaller. How brands win when Advertising takes a back seat to Content.” 
  • “Turn the world into your publisher”
  • “What brands can learn from bedtime stories”
  • “Branded content 2.0”
  • “Storytelling, The digital experience”

When more than 90,000 advertising agency types and corporate marketers show up in New York City and talk the biz for five days at 20+ venues, you’d think they’d be focused on advertising, but they weren’t. They were focused on content, and I would imagine the next huge public relations conference will be talking about exactly the same thing.

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