MSPC Names New Vice President of Content

By Staff  |  December 14, 2017

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MINNEAPOLIS—Dec. 12, 2017—MSPC recently announced that Erin Madsen has been named Vice President of Content. She will lead a team of more than 40 full-time editors and art directors for clients such as Delta Air Lines, UnitedHealthcare, IBM and McKesson, among other consumer and B2B-focused companies and associations.

Most recently, Madsen served as a content director for MSPC, overseeing accounts such as UnitedHealthcare, Miracle-Ear, University of Phoenix and 3M. Prior to that, she led a major media platform for MSPC’s highly successful team of 17 content creators embedded at a Fortune 200 packaged foods company.

“Erin exemplifies where the content industry is headed; a talented and intuitive editor who leans into data to create branded content that performs,” says Jayne Haugen Olson, senior vice president of owned media and former vice president of content. “She earns the trust of clients that content strategy and execution is doing all it should—and can—to connect with a desired audience.

Erin creates strategies that win the hearts and minds of consumers who can be overwhelmed with content in today’s busy marketplace. I’m honored to pass the baton to Erin and confident that in her hands, MSPC will continue to deliver the highest level of service to our clients.”

Since joining MSPC in 2012, Madsen’s embedded team of editors has been part of a monumental effort to build a highly successful owned media division at the packaged foods company, doubling unique website visits to more than 450 million each year, and generating more than $200 million in direct product sales. It’s these kinds of impressive results that led The Content Council to present her with 2017’s Rising Star award, which recognizes the next generation in content marketing talent.

“At a time when content is fast becoming dominant, not only as the primary channel for consumer engagement but also as a driver for business, Erin has impeccable credentials,” says Gary Johnson, president of MSP Communications.

“Having worked for some of the most iconic brands in the world, her contributions have delivered not only high quality, journalistically-driven content, but also some downright incredible ROI. Erin is a shining example of a modern-day content creator and digital marketer.”

Madsen is looking forward to leading her team as content marketing continues to evolve and become an essential way companies and organizations connect with consumers.

“I’m inspired when I get the chance to help clients define their brand, build a community and better understand, connect with and value their audience,” says Madsen. “I’m driven by really smart people and am incredibly proud and excited to lead MSPC’s content team—truly the best in the business—in crafting strategies and stories for some of the most influential brands in the world.

Creating content that is genuine, resonant and will actually break through in such a crowded and noisy landscape isn’t for the faint of heart, but it is the work we do every day.” 

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