The Difference Between Millennials and Generation Z

By Valerie Dennis  |  December 15, 2017

Gen Z icons

David Stillman knows a lot about Millennials and the generation that follows, Gen Z. The speaker and author—a Gen Xer—has written books about both groups, most recently co-authoring Gen Z @ Work with his Gen Z son, Jonah.

Although close in age, David sees differences among the two generations. Because each experienced its own events and conditions during the formative years, the two generations have a different view and mindset. The key to communicating with each generation is to understand what has shaped them.

Jonah says he fights misconceptions often about Gen Z, “we’re here to tell you that we work differently, we act differently, we consume differently and therefore we want to be treated differently.”

It’s important to get to know these two distinct generations in order to better market to them, so check out the below infographic to distinguish the difference.

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