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  • By Staff
  • November 15, 2013
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An online presence is the industry norm. MSPC elevates a company’s digital presence to a place of uniqueness and entertainment.

When Teradata decided to stop publishing its print edition in December 2012 and focus its attention entirely on its digital edition, it turned to longtime partner MSPC. Both parties were keen on getting creative with the digital platform.

The objective was simple: to increase user engagement.

The magazine covers would be appealing and impressive, with visuals that spin and move, adding depth of content and information. The ability for users to quickly navigate through the magazine and its content was also an important goal.

Teradata embraced the cutting-edge concept of animated covers and launched its first in May 2013. It received near immediate recognition. In fact, Teradata’s first animated cover was named one of the 12 best digital covers of the year by the Digital Magazine Awards 2013, alongside such publications as GQ and MacFormat.

Check out the video below featuring another animated Teradata cover!

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