Getting Results Through Expertise

  • By Staff
  • October 15, 2013
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Successful brand journalism requires reporters, editors and designers to know as much or more about the industry they’re covering than the client they’re working for. MSPC has that.

Case in point: the content strategy reset installed by MSPC for Better Thinking for Better Health, the thought-leadership website developed for McKesson Corp.

The reset called for features and commentary built around four healthcare industry topics: information technology, patient safety, reimbursement and supply chain. The reset also required MSPC to pitch eight features a month to McKesson, two on each of the four topics.

The client accepted 97 percent of the story ideas pitched during the eight-month period running from January through August 2013. Of those stories produced, 89 percent were published on the site.

How was MSPC able to achieve results that exceeded expectations?

Part of the reason was having a subject matter expert providing strategy and ideas. Our team had a collective 30 years of health industry expertise. We used it to provide content that hit the client’s sweet spot, and that resulted in a significant increase in website traffic, not to mention acceptance of BTFBH as a recognized brand in the healthcare industry. In the 12-month period (which ended in September), the number of monthly visits to the site tripled. And the number of monthly page views on the site more than doubled.

Driven by the content strategy reset, the success of the site prompted McKesson to retain BTFBH as a thought-leadership brand and make the brand a key component of the company’s revised comprehensive content strategy moving forward.

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