MSPC Rewind: Our Most-Read Blog Posts of 2018

By Adam Greenwald  |  January 3, 2019

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From winning Content Marketing Institute’s Agency of the Year (100+ employees) to treating each client meeting like we’re interviewing a celebrity—2018 was a banner year for our MSPC team. Here are the 12 posts that got the most love last year.

How to Be a Great Digital Content Marketer: 9 Pieces of Unsolicited Advice

“A two-way relationship is what sets content marketing apart from advertising. Use it, don’t abuse it.” Here are nine ways to become the next great digital content marketer by MSPC content director Kayla Knudson.

5 Questions for Erin Madsen, VP of Content

Getting her start in daily newspapers and lifestyle magazines, Erin Madsen moved client-side to work at Target to help launch its content site, A Bullseye View. Now vice president of content at MSPC, she works with clients such as General Mills, Delta Air Lines, 3M, UnitedHealthcare, and IBM.

Nerd Alert! 10,000 Words on 2019 Content Marketing Comin’ Atcha

MSPC’s creative and strategic braintrust shares what they’re seeing and excited to bring to clients in 2019.

5 Questions with Michael Norseng

Mike Norseng spent the early stages of his career working for notable magazines, such as GQ and Esquire. In these roles he had the opportunity to work with some of the world’s finest directors, creatives and famous subjects, landing him recognition and many industry awards. After spending 16 years in NYC publishing, Michael now brings his set of skills and talent back to the Midwest as MSPC’s creative director.

How to Treat Each Meeting Like You’re Interviewing Ryan Gosling

From interviewing President Jimmy Carter and Sheryl Sandberg to Denzel Washington and Claire Foy, Delta Sky Magazine editor-in-chief Sarah Elbert shares her tips for interview success.

The Principles of Elevated Client Service

Setting and maintaining clear objectives and outcomes with clients is highly detailed and nuanced work. Even more nuanced? Not losing sight of best practices or our highest quality work in the process. Here are the top ten principles we believe are involved in elevated client service and communications by MSPC content director Kate O’Reilly.

KPIs, ROI & Rock N Roll: Measuring Content Marketing Metrics with the King

You want your content marketing to ignite and grow your audience, build trusted relationships and drive profitable action. So how do you measure content success? MSPC digital content analyst Adam Greenwald takes a look.

5 Questions with Molly Bennett

After spending 15 years living and working in London as a writer and editor, content director Molly Bennett has found herself back in Minnesota as a part of the MSPC team. Get to know her.

Small Screen. Big Bang. The value of mobile video.

Show it, don’t say it. Scale and then scale some more. Shine a new light. Frame for the experience, not for the phone. The five-second rule of scrolling. Here are five takeaways from MSPC’s mobile video event with Mighteor’s Elizabeth Giorgi and MSPC vice president of content Erin Madsen.

Tapping SMEs to Feed the Content Marketing Beast

Executives too busy to blog? VPs and directors keep pushing back website deliverables? Here are three easy ways to get your subject matter experts to help develop content by Evelyn Hoover, MSPC content director.

7 Video Marketing Mistakes Brands Can Easily Avoid

Including video on your landing pages can increase conversion rates by up to 80%. 80%! That’s huge! You’re almost guaranteed to see a video pay off (and then some) if you do it right. Here are seven video marketing foils to avoid by MSPC video strategist Annie D’Souza.

Elevated B2B Strategy: What Makes a Killer AR/VR Experience

Business opportunities for augmented and virtual reality are fast approaching—is your company ready? Our digital content analyst Adam Greenwald takes a deep dive.

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