Case Study

Miracle-Ear Paid Media

The hearing aid market is competitive and incredibly dynamic—especially as wearable tech continues to proliferate. Staying competitive demands both paid and organic initiatives, and we’ve helped Miracle-Ear expand the scope of their paid media efforts into new channels while bolstering proven tactics.

Picture collage of people doing life activities with a hearing aid
Family having dinner outside, couple laughing on the couch, women at a Doctor's appointment


Knowing where your audience is already showing up is half the battle—the other half is finding out where else they could be, and will be in the future. We’ve taken an approach that keeps a strong presence on channels where Miracle-Ear consistently sees success, and expanded to other channels for greater exposure and opportunities for conversion.

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Content Features

  • Facebook paid campaigns
  • Pinterest paid campaigns
  • YouTube pre-roll campaigns


Impressions across channels




Average clicks to site per month

Three cellphones


Strategically opening up new channels for paid media campaigns resulted in growing numbers of impressions, clicks and conversions, introducing more people to the Miracle-Ear brand and convincing them to convert through compelling content.