Case Study

Miracle-Ear Video

It takes people an average of seven to 10 years to address their hearing loss. With a multi-use suite of videos for Miracle-Ear we show, through relatable scenes, encouraging scripts and powerful testimonials, just how easy—and life-changing—it is to take charge of your hearing.

People doing every day activities with hearing aids
Collage of hearing ads on table, man biking, hearing aids in a case


We believe that videos need to work hard. With that in mind, we craft strategic plans for videos that touch on multiple aspects of Miracle-Ear’s business and can be used across channels. The resulting work is wide-ranging: an evergreen video feature on the powerful work of the Miracle-Ear Foundation; animated explainer videos that help people understand their hearing care appointments; heartstring-tugging testimonial videos; lifestyle-focused product spotlights and more. No matter the topic, our video work is designed to make meaningful connections with the viewer.

Collage of a woman sitting in a char, a couple holding hands, a woman and doctor talking

Content Features

  • Animated videos
  • Testimonial videos
  • Promotional videos
  • Product videos
  • Scripting 
  • Art direction
  • Talent coordination
Three illustrations of patients with hearing aids


We’ve created a suite of full-length and social-length videos that can be used in multiple ways: On site to promote product, explain value and bolster SEO; in social to support organic algorithm demands and engage followers; and in paid campaigns, to add dynamic visuals that drive action.