Case Study

Next Avenue

MSPC conducted a head-to-toe audit of Next Avenue’s content, analyzing for audience growth and revenue-driving opportunities, as well as a restructuring of their consumer personas and development of a customer journey map. Reviewing social media, email newsletter, site experience and competitors, we provided actionable steps to increase site traffic and pave the way for future paid partnerships.

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Survey results from a woman


Through a complete analysis of Next Avenue’s digital presence, we were able to pinpoint a variety of growth opportunities across a variety of touchpoints. To start, we conducted interviews with stakeholders, from the average subscriber to key decision makers. Through a virtual workshop with key players, we developed a customer journey to help our clients better understand roadblocks and opportunities.

Infographic of three section showing survey results

Content Features

  • Competitive analysis
  • SEO opportunities and enhancements
  • Content opportunities
  • Social media opportunities
  • Email and acquisition opportunities
  • Site UX/UI, including accessibility
  • Diversity

Audit data results


After a thorough scrub of site, social and email, what we delivered was a comprehensive document outlining methodology and findings as well as content, SEO, social, email, user experience, cross-promotional and revenue opportunities and the steps towards claiming them.