Evelyn Hoover

Vice President, B2B Content

Evelyn Hoover
Vice President of B2B Content
As vice president of B2B (business to business) content, Evelyn leads an award-winning team of content directors, content strategists and editors who work with MSPC’s many B2B clients.
During her over 15-year tenure at MSPC, she has helped craft content strategies and guide content development efforts for global technology companies of all sizes, healthcare organizations and other businesses.
Evelyn has an English degree from the University of Minnesota, Morris. After graduating from the U of M, Morris, she started her career as a reporter and editor at a community newspaper before taking a job as a magazine editor at a Fortune 10 technology company. That position kicked off her B2B technology content marketing career, which led her to MSPC.
Areas of expertise:
  • Understanding the unique pain points and challenges faced by B2B companies
  • Planning and executing content that moves audiences through the buyer journey
  • Keeping abreast of technology and healthcare trends that impact clients
  • Effectively working within the structures of matrixed organizations
  • Collaborating with cross-functional internal and client teams to deliver content to the right audience at the right time