An Integrated Media System


Since tech giant IBM became MSPC’s client in 2000, the company sought to cost-effectively deliver the print magazine's quality content to a worldwide audience.

The objective of the IBM Systems Media program is to educate the IBM Systems' diverse and global customer base on the company’s product portfolio so that users may realize the greatest return on their technology investment.

IBM Systems and Technology Group sought to grow its one print publication, email newsletter and archival website into a publishing program that reached more customers. Total customer touches for the program in 2001 were 110,000 per month; 1.3 million per year.


MSPC has worked diligently to be industry-leading with the evolution of content marketing, providing an integrated content strategy focused on building audience through quality content and an expanded portfolio of deliverable options for IBM.

The multi-channel program now includes:

  • Two magazines each with a corresponding digital edition
  • A website with exclusive and archived content
  • Two weekly customer email newsletters with an average open rate of just under 50%
  • An average of four webinars per month
  • Social media, including blogs, Twitter and Facebook
Working together, the ecosystem creates more than 4.5 million touchpoints each year with current and prospective IBM clients, an increase of 238% since 2001.


Yearly touchpoints with clients


Yearly webinars


Monthly website visits


The digital IBM media ecosystem has evolved to comprise approximately 45% of the total subscriber base. Metrics show how readers engage with the content and advertisements. This data is used to craft future editorial content as well educate current and prospective advertisers on the popularity of the digital publication. 2016 stats include:

  • Digital magazine readers on average view 18 pages per visit to the digital magazines.
  • Readers spend more than 4 minutes per session engaging with the content. 
  • Approximately 35% of IBM Systems readers prefer digital. This preference for digital over print has increased 20% in the last 8 years.
  • Since their launch, more than 8,900 readers have installed the free native apps to consume content.
"If you seek a partner to develop award-winning, engaging content and embrace your business objectives as proactive members of your team–you’ve found the right group."
—IBM Marketing Manager