Scaling online video content to complement television advertising



Miracle-Ear needed to supplement its traditional television advertising with trustworthy and compelling online content that would resonate with the 55+ market. A recent study by Think with Google reports that while boomers spend more time per week watching TV than any other audience, they spend even more time online, often researching both video and text content.*

After seeing TV ads, Miracle-Ear customers comb through a vast amount of digital content about hearing aids, including information from new hearing aid companies that offer low-cost (but low-quality) options. Consumer reviews, advocacy organizations forums, online ads, Google search—a motherlode of online information is competing for their attention, and much of it is outdated or difficult to differentiate.


MSPC recommended a customer journey-focused approach to video content that would empathize with Miracle-Ear’s boomer audience during the emotionally charged moment in their lives as they seek to alleviate hearing loss. To compel target consumers to act, Miracle-Ear’s video content:

  • Emphasizes the patient-provider relationship
  • Dials up emotion and engagement
  • Balances the humanity and expertise of the hearing care providers

Economy of Scale 

Efficiency of content investment is of paramount importance for both MSPC and our clients. The 27 videos we created in 2018 address different stages of the buyer’s journey and were based on four agreed-upon templates. This precise planning resulted from deep collaboration with our client-partners at Miracle-Ear and allowed us to maximize their content budget by scaling our video content to achieve the greatest impact.


Videos created in 2018


Decrease in bounce rates on pages with videos


Increase in time spent on pages with videos


Miracle-Ear’s high-quality library of videos are delivering useful, engaging and emotionally relevant content to their customers when they are searching for information about hearing aids. The videos effectively supplement Miracle-Ear’s traditional television campaigns and provide a crucial content experience at the moment when customers are ready to make a purchasing decision. Since the launch of the series, pages with video on them have seen a 49% decrease in bounce rates and 229% increase in time spent on those pages, both key engagement metrics.

*Source: Reaching Today's Boomers & Seniors Online. (2013). Think with Google.
“It’s impressive how quickly [MSPC] learned the nuances of our business.”
—Jen Vokac, Content Marketing Specialist, Miracle-Ear