Ignite Your Audience
With Video Magic

Our video stories have the power to hypnotize and mesmerize.
To turn your audience into believers and your believers into customers.

MSPC creates compelling video content that ignites your audience and makes sparks fly. Not just because it entices and stirs their souls (it does) or because it delights their senses with cinematic sound and beauty (it will), but because through strategy, research and data we’ve unearthed their sweet spot. We know what moves them.

Why video? In the past two years, video marketing has gone from being a nice-to-have into a content marketing necessity, improving website performance, social media visibility and conversion rates. Marketers who use video as part of their content marketing strategies grow revenue 49 percent faster than non-video users.


With a phone and an idea, anyone can make a stunning video. But beauty without strategy, depth or context is quickly forgotten. And optimizing for digital distribution in post-production burns budgets fast.

So before MSPC heads to each shoot, we plan meticulously and think creatively. We analyze, synthesize and sift through data to unearth the storytelling sweet spot for your audience. We know that maximizing video ROI is all in the initial groundwork.

And after the cameras have stopped rolling and the videos play on screens large and small, you’ll see the results.


Just because video is versatile, doesn’t mean it’s one size fits all. Different channels—YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, websites, pre-roll, long-form, short-form—require different formats, lengths, composition, visuals, sound design, motion and color.

Channel-specific video content is far more effective than video that has been spliced and diced after the fact. So before we make our storyboards and our shotlists, MSPC considers where the video will end up and how it will connect to your audience.


Your audience is our everything. Our approach to video content begins and ends with your target customers. MSPC knows that a single idea converted into a million frames creates a cinematic experience that moves your audience to become a follower, a fan and a customer.

Our video stories capture audience imaginations and compel them to act. Through search, social and behavioral data, MSPC taps into conversations that your audience is already having to inform our creative process. Our scripts, topics, graphics, lighting and cameras are chosen with your customers in mind.

We don’t shout, cajole, preach or push. We let the audience guide us. And that’s when the magic happens.


Behind the Scenes: Rita Moreno for Renew Magazine

Visual storytelling is one of the most powerful ways of capturing an audience’s attention by giving your brand or product life. A great story can drive action, conversation and loyalty.

Provista CEO Talks About the Company's Future

Position your company as a thought-leader, a trailblazer, with the goal of getting potential customers to associate your brand with authority and know-how.

Create a Home Gym on a Budget with Command™

An effective demo video can not only showcase how a potential or current customer can use your product, it can also showcase your knowledge of the overall subject matter.

Miracle Ear Patient: Rob Julius Yount

Testimonials should resonate with your target audiences by illustrating the success of your service and the impact it has had for past customers. Identify your audience’s pain points and lead them to a solution through genuine endorsements from their peers.

Provista Customer Story: Blood Centers of America

Case studies are a visually appealing, ROI-focused way to showcase your company’s work, products or services.

Miracle-Ear FAQ: Can I wear hearing aids during exercise?

How-to videos can—at least—provide continued assistance to a customer in after they’ve made a purchase and—at most—illustrate your knowledge of the industry as a whole through succinct yet informative content.

Our Video Work

3M Command

3M Command: Simple Home Hacks

MSP-C created a series of videos that offer solutions for organizing the home.


Delta Sky Magazine: Quest Love

Delta Sky Magazine: Questlove in NYC

Our cover shoot with The Roots’ drummer took our photographer and his team all over Manhattan.



NetApp: Innovation Awards Trailer

A video showcase of the the NetApp Innovation Awards finalists. 


Jack Hanna

Jack Hanna for Renew Magazine

A behind-the-scenes look at Renew Magazine’s cover shoot with wildlife advocate and animal expert Jack Hanna.