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Video Content Marketing

Video is integral to your digital content strategy.

The most memorable videos capture an audience and sit with them long after. Whether a minute long or an in-depth series, video communicates a feeling that goes beyond just words or images. At MSPC, we produce impactful videos—from ideation and production to final project delivery—as an extension of our content marketing expertise.

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Powerful Stories Move.

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We’re video experts. But, we’re also people experts. The battle for consumer attention is complicated. We tailor the story you want to tell for your brand vision or product and bring it to the front of minds and hearts everywhere. Through search, social and behavioral data, MSPC taps into the conversations that your audience is already having. Beyond production, we know how to measure your impact through audience insights and improve search results for your brand. We bring a high-quality, data-driven approach to connecting with your audience.

Our Content Marketing Video Examples

U.S. Bank Uncover the Costs

A simple guide to the potential costs of home renovation—and their long-term payoff.

Miracle-Ear Moments

A compilation of video and sound bites highlighting the everyday benefits of hearing aid technology.

Evolving Solutions Brand Video

Get to know the Evolving Solutions brand in this short video.

Provista Big Savings on Bar Supplies

In this installment of the Provista Hospitality Video Series, Chef Henry walks us through how members can save money from behind the bar.

Delta Style Guide

This visual guide shows Delta employees how to wear their uniform.

McKesson Biologics Overview

An animated overview of how Biologics by McKesson supports and guides patients through their treatment journeys.

We take care of it all.

Before video production starts, we build a strategy to support your objectives. Our team will analyze, synthesize and sift through data to unearth the storytelling sweet spot for your audience. Then, we create.

Here’s what our end-to-end video creation process looks like:

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We listen to your vision and research, assess your goals and understand how to best support your brand and audience.

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Concept Creation

With clear objectives in place, we’ll determine the best type of video (there are so many to choose from!) to reach your audience.

Illustration of three people talking

Strategic Recommendations

We’ll use this time to focus on your target audience and build a strategy to make sure the video will be seen by the right people.

illustration of pencil and paper with checklist

Scripting + Storyboarding

Tailor-made to fit your objectives and written with intuitive strategy, we’ll script the entire story visually for you.

Illustration of a film camera

Production + Editing

Whether you need a brand anthem video or a 10-second animated clip, our teams partner with the best production vendors across the globe.

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Our team will guide you through the entire process, step by step, to ensure the project is delivered on time and within budget.