We are a content marketing agency located in Minneapolis

Content Marketing Agency Minneapolis

As a heritage media brand, we’re proud of our roots—since 1978 we’ve set ourselves apart by connecting clients with their target audience through hard work and passionate storytelling. We’re curious and innovative, going above and beyond to create messages that captivate the ones we want listening.

Our home

Minneapolis has been our home base for nearly fifty years, offering endless inspiration and culture to explore. A hotbed of media, advertising, art, theater, music and philanthropy, the city is a valuable part of our company’s tapestry.

Our people

We’re journalists, content strategists, data analysts, designers and above all—a team of idealists. Our curiosity, passion and discernment drive us to investigate audience interests, seek new ways to tell timeless stories and convey the truth in a sensible way.
Meet Our Team 

Our passion

We believe that honest messages bring out our shared humanity to create connections, ignite change and trigger action. Our journalistic foundation is complemented by data measurement and social media strategy. Working together and reading between the lines, we extract the most interesting, relevant stories to share—sometimes in a 120-character tweet.
Core Capabilities 

Our values

Exceed the standard.
We thrive on pushing ourselves and our work past the standard convention of excellence.

Do more together.
We believe that creating the most impact comes from working as one team.

Stories matter.
Storytellers at heart, our purpose is to create connections through stories.


Our History

We’ve been rooted in Minneapolis since 1972, creating content for brands since 1978. One of the first publishing companies in the industry to expand into this realm, we’ve always been risk-takers, ready to identify new opportunities and take bold steps forward. Over the last four decades, we’ve developed more than 225 print and digital titles and platforms, in every imaginable space. Part of our work includes two magazines of our own: Mpls.St.Paul and Twin Cities Business—they’ve become established, industry-leading publications that now define and represent the city.

Having an ingrained expertise in storytelling, we know what triggers engagement, captures audiences and sells product. Today, we’re a modern brand with a rich legacy, integrating all we’ve learned in the past with bright new ideas, confidently paving the way through contemporary digital spaces.

Cities Media Group

MSP Mag Prince Cover


Mpls.St.Paul Magazine is the best-selling magazine in the state. The publication provides timely, dependable and thought-provoking information to its readers about the people, places and events of the Twin Cities.

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Twin Cities Business

Twin Cities Business is Minnesota’s leading provider of business news, insight and analysis. The publication covers today’s most pressing issues, examines trends and outlooks and provides the context, perspective and information leaders have come to depend upon.

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